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The Security Broker

Your one stop solution for all of your security needs


Our focus with this site was two fold


1. To help people find the right alarm company to fit their security needs


2.  To help people potentially offset 100% of the cost of their alarm system including monitoring through our referral network, which connects people to a variety of other security related services.


With the referral network, we can now connect you with the experts to meet all of your security needs in a single location.


Essentially we have dozens of representatives from dozens of different industries who all refer business back and forth to help you the customer get the best possible value and address all of your security related needs no matter how many different industries that may take.

AT TheSecurityBroker.Com

We can connect you to the experts for protecting:

Your Home


Your Family


Your Finances


Your Earning Power


Your Wealth

Our goal is to become your one stop shop for all of your security needs.

Now if we were exclusive to just one company than it would be impossible to represent so many different industries and meet all of your security needs.  But through our referral network, we can connect you with the experts for whatever area of security you are in need of and even give you multiple companies to choose from so that you can get the best company for your needs.


Because of our unique relationship with the consultants from so many different industries, by combining services within the referral network, you can get even better pricing like bundle pricing even though your bundling services from different companies or industries.


Now our relationship is with individual consultants not the company themselves, so in order to get the special pricing, savings or special promotions, you do have to work directly with one of the reps within the network, and not go directly to the company as they won’t be able to offer the bundle pricing for other companies.

There are two ways to offset the cost of the alarm system

Combining services (bundling)

  • Add a solar system to your alarm and save enough off of your electric bill to offset the monitoring costs.

 Plus get a refund check for 6 months

of your alarm monitoring.  

  • Switching your TV provider could also save you enough money to offset your monthly monitoring rate.
  • One service in the referral network could potentially save you upwards of $900 per month.

Get paid for referrals

  • Join our free affiliate program and get paid referral fees for connecting people with the experts from the various industries.
  • All of the services in the referral network can be referred nationwide
  • Some of the companies may even be willing to hire you and train you as a consultant working with them as a way to supplement your income