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Never before could you get all of your security needs met from a single location.  But now through The Security Broker you can

Our purpose is two fold

1.  First we are going to help you to choose the right alarm company, based on your needs and wants.


We have access to security consultants from over 1 dozen different alarm companies.

2.  Second  we will  connect you to other household or business services to be able to offset 100% of all of your out of pocket costs associated with the alarm system.

Check out the referral network for complete details.

At TheSecurityBroker.Com

We can connect you to the experts for protecting:

Your Home


Your Family


Your Finances


Your Earning Power


Your Wealth

Think of us as your personalized security concierge service. We have agreements in place with dozens of company representatives from multiple industries who can play some role in a person’s security, including their financial security.

Our goal is to become your one stop shop for all of your security needs.

Now if we were exclusive to just one company than it would be impossible to represent so many different industries and meet all of your security needs.

But through our referral network, we can connect you with the experts for whatever area of security you are in need of and even give you multiple companies to choose from so that you can get the best company for your needs.

Because of our unique relationship with the consultants from so many different industries, by combining services within the referral network, you can get even better pricing like bundle pricing even though your bundling services from different companies or industries.

Offset the cost of your monthly alarm monitoring cost by either doing or referring business

While there are over 1 dozen ways to offset your alarm monitoring cost in our referral network, the number one way to offset that cost is by adding a solar system to your house.  99% of the time, the money saved by going solar can completely offset the cost of the monitoring service.

If you get both the alarm system and the solar system through representatives within the referral network, then we will write you a check for 6 months of your alarm monitoring

The other way that you offset the cost of the alarm monitoring is by joining our free affiliate program where we will compensate you for referring business to any of the experts within the network.

Referral Network

Referral Network

Alarm System

Alarm System

 Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program