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Who are we?

We are a matchmaker referral service that connect the customers in need, with the business that can fulfill those needs and do it all from a single platform.


If you have an interest in an alarm system, we have access to security consultants from over 1/2 dozen different alarm companies that we can match you up with.

Then  we will  connect you to other household or business services to be able to offset 100% of all of your out of pocket costs associated with the alarm system.

Check out the referral network for complete details.


Think of us as your personalized security concierge service. We have agreements in place with dozens of company representatives from multiple industries who can play some role in a person’s security, including their financial security.

Our goal is to become your one stop shop for all of your security needs.

At TheSecurityBroker.Com

We can connect you to the experts for protecting:

Your Home

Your Family

Your Finances

Your Earning Power

Your Wealth

Get 12-24 months of your alarm monitoring paid for you.  

Everyone knows that bundling services saves them money.  Well through our referral platform, you can bundle the services of multiple industries and get a rebate check paid back to you from The Security Broker.

Did you just buy a new house?  Our new homeowners bundle can connect you with all of the industry experts that most homeowners are looking for and do so in a single location.

The more industries you do business with, the more money you will save.   Check out the New Home Owner bundle

The other way that you offset the cost of the alarm monitoring is by joining our free affiliate program where we will compensate you for referring business to any of the experts within the network.

Referral Network

Referral Network

Alarm System

Alarm System

 Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program