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Alarm Systems

We have authorized representatives from over a dozen different alarm companies from all over the country that are all willing to compete to earn your business. So whether you have a specific alarm company that you want to work with, or you’re just looking to get the best value for the money, we can connect you with the representatives and companies to meet you’re alarm needs.

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After you get an alarm system, check out our referral network for ways to offset your monthly monitoring service. Our goal is to connect you with enough companies that the alarm doesn’t cost you any new money out of your existing budget

Whether you already have an alarm system and want to get the latest free upgrades, want to see if you can get a lower price on your monthly monitoring, or are a renter or someone with lower credit (most alarm companies require you to be a homeowner/business owner and pass a certain credit score) we have alarm companies to fit what ever you’re looking for. ┬áRemember we aren’t tied to any one company but have representatives from close to a dozen different alarm companies that we can refer you too.