Lee Miller - The Security Broker
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Lee Miller,

The Security Broker



So why should you choose me

for your security needs?

  • I have access to any equipment from the 3 main manufactures
  • I have 5 different monitoring companies to choose from
  • I can have an alarm system installed in all 50 states.
  • I can match or beat any price from a legitimate real alarm company

I am the only security guy you will ever meet who will give you ways to save enough or earn enough to 100% offset the cost of your monitoring service.

To differentiate myself from all of the other alarm sales reps and companies, I can connect you with the experts for many of your other security needs so that I can save you more money and be your one stop resource for all of your security needs.

Everything below can play some role in a persons financial security

  • Mortgage Protection Insurance – Pays off your mortgage in the event of the loss or disability of the bread winner
  • Retirement Planning – Plan for your retirement and guarantee that you never loose money again
  • Bank Leveraged Retirement – Maximize your retirement by getting 3-1 leverage on your money
  • Credit Repair And Enhancement – Having bad credit can cost you 10’s of thousands of dollars more then good credit

Lower Costs And Save Money

  • Solar Systems – Save enough money off of your electric bill to 100% pay for the cost of the alarm monitoring
  • Sell An Unwanted House – I have connections with investors that can buy in any area, any condition and with any equity
  • Foreclosure Avoidance – Options to stop or avoid foreclosure and save your credit and dignity
  • Lower Costs on other household or office expenses so you save more money every single month

Increase Cash Flow

  • Earn 6-12% Rate of return by lending money secured by real estate investments
  • Get unsecured lines of credit for your personal or business use
  • Supplement/replace your income through multiple additional income strategies
  • Earn referral income for referring anyone else to any of these services

I have negotiated for everything on this page to pay you between 2-12 months of your alarm monitoring, when you add any of these services to the alarm system that I set you up with. 

So no matter what you are looking for in an alarm system, I have the resources to meet those desires and save you money