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New home

Congratulations on your new home!!

We want to help you to save the most money on the essentials.

But First, Who are we?

At we know that the single greatest cost to any business is the cost to bring on a new customer.

Therefore, to offset that cost we use referral partners to generate interest or leads for multiple industries all at the same time.  It could be a consultant from one industry that refers you to another industry, or someone who is simply looking to supplement their income.

And since the companies are only paying for new business that is brought to them, it saves them a ton of money, and so we are able to take that savings and pass it back on to the customer and offer savings that would be impossible if you were only working with one company.

These are the 4 most common services new home owners are looking for.

Get 12-24 months of your alarm monitoring paid for you. 

Get an alarm system and one other system and we will give you a rebate check for 12 months monitoring.

Sign up for all 4 services and we will give you a rebate check for 24 months of your alarm monitoring.

Alarm Systems

  • Residential or commercial
  • Multiple alarm companies
  • cameras and home automation

Solar Systems

  • Residential or commercial
  • Purchase and PPA’s
  • Ground or rooftop mount

Water Filtration Systems

  • whole house alkaline units
  • 10 stage filtration
  • Ez financing

TV Programming

  • Multiple providers
  • All available channels

Imagine if you could get the first 3 options with no money out of pocket and at a monthly cost of less then the typical electric bill.

Tell us which industries you want a free consultation on and we will match you up with the appropriate industry consultants.

Your referral partner can connect you with the experts from each of these industries, or you can simply fill out the form to the right and list who referred you.  We will forward your info to the industry experts of your choosing.