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referral compensation

Congratulations on taking the first step.

 You are ready to earn referral commissions.  With your first commission earning, we will have you fill out a w-9 for tax purposes.

Watch this video first

Referral Compensation

This entire referral compensation schedule was emailed to you when you signed up as a free affiliate.

Option one is automatic and there are no costs involved what so ever.

  • All referrals through this option are made through website and can be made by you or directly from your referral  and you still get the same compensation so long as they put your name in the referral box.

There are two referral options for you to choose from.

Referral option 2 is the premium version of referrals.

  • The premium referral program comes with your own personal website and a referral code for connecting the prospects directly with the vendors nationwide.
  • Dozens of ways to earn income
  • Potential to have the company make your car payments for you based on production
  • Comes complete with massive trainings both recorded and live
  • Has its own app to make it easier to refer business through.

Obviously, premium means there is an investment, however, with this option, the income potential is more then 10X greater, so that can justify the cost associated with it.

While all of the companies in the referral network pay for referrals, some will only pay for referrals through the premium referral program.  See the compensation form for complete details.

In addition to referral income, you could also choose to work directly with one of the industries as a sales consultant or independent business owner.  The sales consultants positions can be done with no money out of pocket, while the business owner’s will require some type of investment out of pocket.

As we are a matchmaker service, our job is simply to connect you with the industry, company or opportunity that best meets your needs and desires.

For more information on anything else besides the free automatic referral option, then please tell us what your interested in.  We will connect you with industry experts who can discuss their business model and opportunity.