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Referral Network

As mentioned on the home page, this page was created as a way to help alarm customers offset all of their cost of alarm system including the monitoring.


And through this referral network, you can get all of your security needs met from one location and get better deals vs trying to sign up for each of these services individually.

Because all of these companies are in our referral network, the more companies you do business with, the better the pricing you can get on various services.

Never before could you get all of your security needs met from a single location

But through our security referral network, now you can

We can connect you to the experts for all of your security needs, and by combing services, you can get a better deal then buying individually

Most of the pictures below are links for more information or possibly to sign up.

Household Services

Alarm Referrals

* Available nationwide

* If you already got an alarm system, then where possible,the same alarm rep and company will run your referral.
* Ask your alarm rep for details unless the referral is outside of their service area, then come here for the referral.

Get paid $100 for referring someone else to get an alarms system.

Solar Referrals

Options to buy or lease for residential and commercial

PPA which offers you

No money down
No monthly costs
No maintenance fees
No costs of any kind

Just simply buy the electricity from your roof at a deep discount vs your utility provider
In most cases, the annual electricity savings is enough to pay for your entire annual cost of alarm monitoring

Get an alarm system and a solar system and get a refund check for 6 months of your alarm monitoring

Paid TV Programing

We have access to special pricing with Dish Network and Direct TV both

* Most people paying for TV programming have noticed that their bills have increased substantially from what they started at.
* Our experts have helped people save $50-100 per month or more off of their TV programming with one phone call. ​

Financial Security

Your financial security could be the most important security of your life. And we will help get you connected.

Health Care Savings

Private Money Lending

Commercial Services

Unsecured Business Funding


Through your cell phone, you can:

Corporate Service Pro

Access to tax fullfilment

Entity creation

Estate planning

So Much More

No one person is claiming to be an expert on all of these services, we are simply connecting you to those who are the experts in their particular fields. Remember this is a referral Network, so the person that told you about this site, may not even be an expert in any of the areas above. Never the less, please make sure to reference them below as you request a consultation or more information from any of the services offered above.

You can earn the referral commissions listed above without joining the affiliate program. However, if you want to earn for referring all of the services, then Check out our free Affiliate Program.

Most of the companies on this site are not connected, related, associated with, working with or have anything to do with each other in any way. Only the Tranont suite of services is connected. This is a referral site and we have connections with dozens of different companies or their authorized representatives. Each company is only responsible for their own product, service, customer service or warranty, and can’t be held liable for any other companies products, services, actions or the lack there of.