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Referral Network

It’s the ultimate Win-Win-Win business model.

This page came from a desire to help alarm customers offset the cost of their monthly monitoring service. And as we looked at the companies that we were connecting them with, they all played some role in some type of security.  So that’s when we decided to become a match maker referral service for all things security related.

We are simply the connectors.  While you could have been referred to this site from anyone, you will be matched up with the industry experts for what ever particular industries are of interest to you.  Don’t forget to mention the name of your referral partner

Household Services

The following 4 services are usually a top priority for many new homeowners.  Sign up for these services through members within our referral network and save enough money to potentially completely offset your alarm monitoring costs and you will get a rebate check back for doing business with multiple companies within the network.  More Info

Alarm Systems

* Available nationwide

Local, Regional and National companies to choose from

Because we are a matchmaker referral service, we can connect you with what ever your looking for in an alarm system.  Tell us what your looking for, and we will match you up with the company(s) that can meet those needs.

We are the only company in existence that can set you up with an alarm system and then offer you ways to 100% offset all of your costs including the monitoring services.

Solar Systems

Available nationwide

Options to buy or lease for residential and commercial


Most people think going solar will cost them money.  Well yes if you pay cash, it is money leaving your pocket.

However, since you are guaranteed to spend money every single month on your electric bill anyways, if your financed solar payment is less then your monthly electric bill, then the solar system isn’t costing you any money, it’s only saving you money.

It’s kind of like shifting your grocery buying from a convenience store(the most expensive) to a bulk buying membership club (the least expensive)

One customer went from a $392 monthly electric bill to only paying $180 per month for their alarm monitoring and solar payment combined.


Multiple cable and dish companies to choose from and can be installed anywhere in the US.

* Most people paying for TV programming have noticed that their bills have increased substantially from what they started at.
* Our experts have helped people save $50-100 per month or more off of their TV programming with one phone call. ​

*  Get up to a $500 credit to be able to buy you out of your existing contract.

Water Filtration Systems

  • Salt and no salt options available
  • 6 stage alkaline reverse osmosis
  • 10 stage alkaline whole house unit
  • Easy financing
  • Available nationwide

Financial Security

Your financial security could be the most important security of your life. And we will help get you connected.

Health Care Savings

Private Money Lending

Commercial Services

Unsecured Business Funding


Through your cell phone, you can:

Corporate Service Pro

Access to tax fullfilment

Entity creation

Estate planning

So Much More

Most of the companies on this site are not connected, related, associated with, working with or have anything to do with each other in any way. Only the Tranont suite of services is connected. This is a referral site and we have connections with dozens of different companies or their authorized representatives. Each company is only responsible for their own product, service, customer service or warranty, and can’t be held liable for any other companies products, services, actions or the lack there of.